Learning Materials

On this page you’ll find related materials available on YouTube, as well PDF’s for you to download and print.

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Youtube Slideshow

Your Billion Year Family Tree Slideshow

This 20 minute slideshow is broken down into three parts. We’ll learn how scientists are using genetic information to put together a new, expanded version of the family tree. Genetic data shows that all living creatures are part of one, big, extended family.

Part One:

Introduction to the concept of the Tree of Live. We will look at several different versions of evolutionary family trees.

Part Two:

Learn more about LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestor), with an introduction to DNA and the genome.

Part Three:

Learn how genome comparison is proving the theory that all living creatures are related to one another.

Spiral Zoom on Zoom

Drop a line if you’d like Allison to do a live Zoom presentation for your classroom.

Human Line of Descent

Human Line of Descent Study Guide

This infographic takes you step by step through the major turning points in evolution that connect the human species to earlier life forms.

Download Study Guide


Meet Your Ancestors Timeline

This two page chart is a quick introduction to the creatures in the LUCA to Lucy to You timeline. Each of these ancestors represents a major turning point in evolution.

Download Ancestors Timeline


Spotlight on the Sponge

Learn fun facts about the sponge in this two page intro to your lumpiest ancestor.

Download Sponge Facts

Worms and Fish

Gifts from the Worms and Gifts from the Fish

Short introduction to what humans have in common with worms and fish.

Download Gifts from the Worms and Fish

Timeline Wall Poster

Timeline Wall Poster

Expanded print version of the LUCA to Lucy to You timeline. This is a small format PDF. Contact me if you are interested in a larger version.