logoSpiral Zoom is a new brand of books and products that takes an innovative approach to telling the history and science of how everything–including living creatures–came to be.

In today’s digital age of highly specialized information, many struggle to put together a coherent, meaningful picture of the universe and human history. Our approach zooms out to embrace the big picture and provides fact-based explanations of why the world is the way it is.

Spiral Zoom products use visual timelines to create engaging stories that cover vast periods of history. We look at the origins of the stars and planets, as well as at the history of life. We also apply our approach to pop culture topics like the history of basketball.

A major theme in the series is the spiral shape, which nature uses again and again at every scale of creation. Spirals are found in clusters of spinning stars, in the unfurling ferns on a forest floor, in the shell of a snail. Even our DNA comes in the shape of a spiral helix.

By connecting the dots between diverse subject matters, Spiral Zoom reveals the universe as an integrated whole. We see that all humans are part of something larger than ourselves–the family of life–as well as the cosmos itself.

Allison Hopper Allison Hopper is a science communicator, designer, and spiral shell collector. She has a master’s degree in educational design from NYU. Early in her career she worked on PBS documentaries and later went on to design marketing materials for medical imaging technology. In recent years, she has presented her ideas at the Big History Conference in Amsterdam, summer of 2016, and at other prominent education venues.